Principal Crew

Scott Bayer
Scott Bayer
Director of Photography

Scott was a member of the first crew shooting for Vanishing Link and the last. He has shot numerous hours of interviews with Kiowa Tribal Elders, experienced an impromptu blessing and survived a sweat. Every experience was greeted with excitement and the greatest of respect. Scott brought his experiences to the editing suite, adding amazing depth and thought to the finished piece. He has spent over 170 editing hours bringing Vanishing Link to life. Scott’s unique vision added immensely in capturing the story.

Greg Norman
Greg Norman
Creative Director, Director of Photography

Without hesitation, Greg dived into working on Vanishing Link in every way possible. He has spent hours behind the camera shooting in triple-digit heat at dust-stomping Powwows and moving interviews with Tribal Elders, Greg has come to understand the Kiowa and their Spirit. He brings this understanding to the documentary in simple, yet powerful scenes for the Kiowa Creation Story and Cut Throat Gap. Greg is also responsible for Vanishing Link’s powerful, consistent image. He designed the web site, the DVD and its cover, the movie poster and all necessary marketing tools.

Janie Rowell
Trenda “Janie” Rowell
Production Assistant

Janie truly made Vanishing Link happen. She reached out found participants, carted the crew to the right places at the right time and picked up all loose ends, even tying them in a neat bow.

Donna Rowell
D.M. Rowell
Producer, Writer, Director, Camera Operator, Narrator,
Kiowa Grandchild

When not spinning corporate “stories” for Fortune 1000 clients or innovative start-ups, Donna thrives on storytelling through documentaries as an independent producer. She was Producer and Co-Writer on award-winning Butch Mystique recently shown on Showtime. And is currently working on Jumpin’ the Broom, a look at Gay families in the African-American community.

See Vanishing Link's complete list of Credits here.

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